How We Got Here

January 2013: Leah and I decide we’re going to become Immas! I go to my ob who informs me that I may have fibroids.

February 2013: I confirm with my ob that I have three rather large fibroids, one in the lining of my uterus and two on the outside. We reach out to a gay couple about being our KD

March 2013: Intrauterine Ultrasound confirms that no fibroids are in the cavity of my uterus, but there are 4, not 3.

April 2013: We officially start charting and I can’t confirm ovulation. I don’t make fertility mucous.

May 2013: Take a break charting

June 2013: Pride in NYC, 6 year anniversary, pick a clinic

July 2013: Plan to start trying in March 2014

August-September 2013: Find out I’m CMV negative, start charting using TCYF method

October 2013: Leah and I got engaged!

December 2013: After a month of monitoring at the clinic, I’m informed, on Christmas Eve, that my insurance company won’t be covering our insemination. Leah and I decide to proceed out of pocket and are put on the waiting list for a CMN who does IUIs at home for 1/10 of the price of our clinic. She has openings in June.

Leah chooses our donor, he’s a twin, young and had previous reported pregnancies

January 2014: First IUI Cycle ends with AF

February 2014: Second IUI Cycle ends with AF

March 2014: My sister passes away, I lose my job, out of insurance so we take a break.

May-July: Leah graduates, get’s her PhD, I get a job.

August 2014: New job, but no fertility insurance (again), talk again about using KD again. Dr. finds polyp in uterus.

September 2014: Polyp is removed and we got for our fourth IUI .25 Femera, Ovidrel Trigger and Crinone (while planning a cross-country move)

October 2014-December 2014: Cycle Four ends with AF while on the road, take a long break. Currently without insurance, an RE, or a donor. Time to re-set for 2015

March 2015: Found a fertility specialist in Seattle and IUI#5. .25 Femera, Ovidrel Trigger and Crinone. Ends in Negative

April 2015: IUI#6 Insemination on March 31st (two in one month!) ;.25 Femera, Ovidrel, Progesterone.

April 13 BFP on CD 24, 13DPO on HPT, Beta #1 108.4, take two more HPTs for good measure.

April 15 Beta #2 328

April 21 5 weeks pregnant.


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