Where We Are Now

Hey Bloggers,

So many of you are Mamas now, and I send you so much love and mazels on your new additions!

Leah and I are trucking along. We’ve had a lot of relationship issues to iron out after the miscarriage. We’re working hard on reconnecting and have started to get back in the saddle of TTC.

There are more things to say, but the reason I decided to write again is because of TheBump.com and it’s unnecessary and sad reminder of my pregnancy loss. Leah and I bickered today about the car. We only have one and she’s been riding to work on her bike on nice days. Since today starts my “weekend” I was looking forward to having the car, but she’d run about 7 miles yesterday and was feeling sore. In the end, I have the car, but felt yucky and selfish for getting it. We said goodbye stiffly and I drifted back to sleep before needing to be awake for a follicle check at 8:50AM.

Then a buzz from my phone, “Erika! You’re 25 weeks pregnant today!”

Um, no, Bump.com, I’m not. As I told you MONTHS ago when I requested that you, again STOP bombarding me with emails about my pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. It was frustrating and a sad reminder that our journey continues.


17 thoughts on “Where We Are Now

  1. damn, that has to hurt. If you can, send them an email because they probably don’t know there is an issue with their software.

    Good luck with the journey going forward.

  2. I’m so incredibly sorry that the site doesn’t have a better way to deal with miscarriages. With how common they are, you’d think they’d have a reliable system to take that into account.

  3. For us it was maternity stores – after a stillbirth, there really ought to be some easy way to opt out of further communication. It took more than a year to get them to stop sending me stuff. I’m so sorry – it’s painful.

    • Ugh, I can’t even imagine that.

      And you’d think that if you’re in the “birth world” or “baby world” that there would be some high alert system in place for women who abruptly stop. Even more so if you have a comment box, like the Bump does, and say in capital letters I HAD A MISCARRIAGE! STOP SENDING ME EMAILS! which I did months ago.

  4. Ugh baby centre did that to me too, and they’re such a pain to unsubscribe from. The best after the mc were the “tips” on how to get pregnant fast, as if I hadn’t been trying every bloody thing under the sun already. Grrr! Nice to see a post from you sweetie. Be well. Xx

  5. I’m glad to see you writing again, but damn that sucks. Is there any way you can get in touch with someone to have them remove those very sad updates. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. As for the rest, it sounds like you are struggling still and I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m sending you love and peace and a virtual hug!

    • The thing is, I haven’t gotten an alert from them in almost 2 months, so it was especially hard to get one after such a long time. I’d unsubscribed with after the MC and then again a month later because they sent me something before.

      In terms of life. Yes, it’s still … life 🙂

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