Cycle Day 4

And all I want is a glass of wine. It was one of those work days and the seltzer isn’t cutting it.

Is that bad? Did any of you with your BFPs drink before IUIs or IVF?

It’s interesting that because we;re timing and on a schedule and spending money to get pregnant we can never have a “The hubs and I got wasted one night and well, that’s how junior was conceived”


Cycle Day 3, 6th of Adar

chabad.orgWe are in the Hebrew month of Adar, the month of happiness and joy.

I am not a Chabad Jew, a sect of Jews whose focus in life is happiness and strict observance to Torah and its 613 mitzvot (laws/commandments). But I find a lot of beauty and inspiration in Chabad and its followers.

At every new moon, Jewish women celebrate by gathering together, reading Torah, or in the Rosh Chodesh (new moon) group I belonged to in NYC, to share stories and frustrations while TTC, trying to put a Jewish angle to it. All of those women have children and here I am, not pregnant. Though, hopefully soon I will be!

So I was clicking around finding things about Adar, this Hebrew month and came across this from a Chabad site:

This month, Adar l, is an added month in the Jewish leap year. This year is a shanah meuberet (lit., “a pregnant year”), more commonly known as a leap year, on the Jewish calendar. The Jewish leap year, which occurs 7 times in a 19-year cycle, has 13 months instead of the regular year’s 12. This is so that the lunar-based Jewish year (which is 354.37 days) should remain aligned with the solar year (365.25 days) and seasons. It is important to keep the calendars aligned in order for the festivals to retain their positions relative to the seasons as prescribed by the Torah. The added month is called Adar I, and is inserted before the month of Adar (termed Adar II in leap years).

Adar is the official “happy month,” as is written, “As soon as Adar begins, increase in joy!” In a leap year, we have two months of extra happiness!

This is not a Jewish leap year, so there aren’t two Adars or a pregnant Adar, but it is Adar and therefore there is an increase in blessings and happiness during this time.

TTC is all about timing, as we know. The right time to start taking hormones, the right time to inseminate. Timing is even more vitally crucial for us LGBTQ folks who are TTC using IUI because we can’t simply keep doing it and hope it sticks (I know that’s not how it works for hetero couples either). We have to have the timing absolutely perfect make our babies.

So in this Jewish time of prescribed happiness, coupled with our insemination right smack in the middle of the month, I am feeling hopeful.

Today I started Femera. Praying for nice growth and hopefully after Monday two nice, open tubes.

Keeping all of you Mamas in waiting in my prayers.

Cycle Day One


My HSG is scheduled for next Monday (just to make sure things are nice and open and maybe, just maybe that left tube is open) and our 10 day ultrasound is scheduled for that Wednesday.

My prescription for Femara is at the pharmacy and my trigger shot is ordered.

We bought some sperm and now I’m just praying that it all works out.

Cycle Cancelled

So my thyroid levels are too elevated for us to continue with the cycle.

Things move pretty quickly since my cycle is short and we missed the window to get my thyroid levels balanced off as well as to get me on Femera in time, which kinda bums me out. I did call them on CD1, after all.

Our NP said we could try a natural cycle, but with the blocked tube, fibroids and lack of ovulation we decided it best to not spend money not covered by insurance on a procedure that probably wouldn’t work out, based on our past experience.

But/And, our mantra this year is to go with the flow, let things happen, and not to stress out about things we can’t control so we’re not. Instead, we’re taking this extra month to get back on the Fertilitea, Fertility Diet, Supplements, Yoga and Acupuncture bandwagon so that when AF comes around next time we’ll be armed and ready.

C’est la vie.