Cycle Day Two

Yesterday I went for blood work to see if my thyroid levels were normal.

Back in August, the last IUI we did, my RE put me on Thyroid medicine because my levels were high. Turns out they’re only high if you’re TTC/maybe pregnant, but normal for non-trying to get pregnant folks. Hypothyroid runs in my family and as soon as Aunt Flow showed up, I weaned myself off of the medicine. I didn’t want to take a medicine to lower my thyroid when my thyroid was already fine. Make sense?

Well, of course they wanted to put me back on it, without testing it. So not only did I bleed through 4 pairs of underwear yesterday (with my Diva Cup in, with a panty liner – Yay Fibroids!) I had to give tubes of blood.

Today I’m still bleeding but not as tired as yesterday. Still waiting on blood work.

Sending love to all of you with buns in your ovens. Love to those of us still trying and patience and love to those of you running after toddlers.

Shabbat Shalom.


Cycle Day One

Feeling a lot.

Nervousness and anxiety, all the while trying not to worry to much or let the previous four failed cycles cloud my mind.

Here we go.

New Year, New RE

Not a too much to report, but I haven’t blogged in a while so here goes.

1. Got my period two days ago. Hopefully it’s the second to last period of 2015

2. Went to my first appointment with the new clinic here in Seattle. I was paired with a Nurse Practitioner who I’m told will be my practitioner throughout the process, which is good. She had a calm manner, affirmed Leah and I and our decisions and was a wealth of knowledge and patience.

3. We agreed that since my first two IUIs were before we realized my left tube was blocked that we’ve only really had two good “shots” at BFP so she advised we do a few more rounds of IUI before diving into IVF.

So I’m drinking Fertilitea and taking my supplements. I’m hoping to start yoga and acupuncture back again soon and please, please G-d my next period will be my last.