Still No AF

Alright, folks.

Riddle me this:

My cycle is normally between 21-22 days long (I know, short) which is why I’m on progesterone.

On cycle days 20-23 I got negative pregnancy tests ( Days 7-10 post trigger-induced Ovidrel )

I’m on cycle day 26 and still no period. Thoughts?

Anyone have a BFN and really pregnant ?


5775, The Year of New Beginnings.

seattleThere is a lot going on in our lives right now. Like, a really lot.

1-IUI Cycle 4 is in limbo. I got two negative pregnancy tests, but my period is late so we’re in a holding pattern right now.

2-The biggest and most pressing news is that we’re moving! And as you may have guessed based on the picture, we’re moving to SEATTLE! In 3 days.

Tying up lose ends here in NYC and prepping for the move has made this TWW the easiest of them all, and strangely I’m having neither pregnancy or AF symptoms, with the exception of extreme bitchiness (which I attribute to moving stress) slight side cramps and excessive peeing. The peeing and bitchiness are par for the course lately because of the Femera, Ovidrel and Progesterone trifecta and well, fibroids make me pee a lot.

I’m 99% sure I’m not pregnant, thanks to the negative tests, but who knows. There’s too much amazing going on right now that not even AF can get me down. Though, I’m hopeful she’ll stay away and that the tests were wrong.

Yay, Aunt Flo!

So after a day of spotting and two days of period cramps without bleeding I finally got my period today!
It’s strange that over a year ago I posted about being excited about my period. When we’re TTC getting AF is definitely not something we look forward to. But, knowing that the surgery went well, that my body is “working” getting AF is not a disappointment, but rather confirmation that we’re staring our TTC journey anew.

We’re still not covered by insurance, but since we were recently gifted left over sperm vials from some of our friends who got their BFP we’re saving on cost for this cycle. We also discovered that the clinic we’re storing our specimens does IUI and monitoring. Since they don’t take insurance it’s all out of pocket, but their costs are about the same as a midwife, and they’re either not getting back to us or booked for months.

We thought about just doing AI, and who knows we may, but for now it feels good that we can keep up with IUI, and at a fraction of the cost.