Lesbians on Birth Control

pills, pills, pillsIt’s August and a lot has been going on.

  • I have a job, yet no insurance. I’m working on appealing my company because I’m told the reason the company doesn’t cover fertility is because “women tend to leave their jobs after their fertility coverage.” My question is, if it was any other pre-existing condition would they deny coverage? And perhaps the reason women “leave their jobs” is because the maternity coverage sucks, or they can’t get their jobs back. There’s always a fight, it seems.
  • We’ve found two-three possible KD candidates which we’re excited about.
  • We’re set to have my polyps removed in late August
  • Two of our friends who were TTC are pregnant. Remember that dream I had? I’m shockingly very happy for our friends and can’t wait to be aunties!

Oh, and I’m on the pill.