I Guess We Wait…For Two Years.

There’s nothing else to say, really.

Leah’s on the job hunt so hopefully when that comes through we’ll be able to go on her insurance.

I’d like to say that this is a moment to work on myself, to get healthier, to focus on what ever the fuck the bright side is.

But honestly, I just want to have a giant glass of wine with a huge cheeseburger followed by chocolate cake. For the next four weeks.



2 YEAR Wait??

I don’t even know what to say.

I spoke with a representative at the insurance carrier for my new employer to try to figure out which insurance plan had the best coverage (since my last organization’s coverage was so poor). As the rep told me all of the perks; IVF covered, IUI covered, surrogacy service covered I got excited. On top of all of that, less than $300 per month for both Leah and I! …

“Oh.  Hmm. Gimme a second please,” the rep said before putting me on hold

Terrible hold music

One minute

Two minutes

Five minutes

“Rachel, it looks like your employer has a two year wait before fertility coverage is eligible.”




Is this even legal?

One Ticket to Crazy Town

So, in the last few days I have been having really weird dreams about my other dyke friends who are also TTC.

In one dream a couple invites all of us to their home for Sunday brunch. We immediately notice that the partner who is carrying isn’t drinking (nothing out of the ordinary when you’re TCC) but then, as the last couple comes in she comes to the center of the room and announces that they are 4 months pregnant. She pulls up her sweater to reveal the teeniest, most enviable baby bump.

I exchange pained glances with the other friend in our group who has also gone through many surgeries and heartache like we have and we both go for more drinks in the kitchen. We have a quick pow-wow and admit to one another that we’re super pissed that they got pregnant on their first try before returning to the living room to parrot the congratulations going around the room.

In the second dream I’m banging my last ex boyfriend for his sperm as his current girlfriend and my girlfriend look on. It’s not an orgy, they’re just watching.

No, I’m not on any fertility drugs and yes, what the eff?

Anyone else having crazy baby dreams? Or feeling really jealous/worried that their friends who are also TTC are going to get pregnant before them?