When it All Comes Tumbling Down…Again


By my insurance and when I called my clinic today I got a dismissive chuckle from the billing department at my fertility clinic when I asked if they would advocate on my behalf. “They never overturn these in appeals,” she said. When I told her that I didn’t appreciate her dismissive tone or her laughter at my devastation she told me that she had a cold.

Thankfully, my doctor’s receptionist was more humane and offered to have the doctor send the appeal herself, so hopefully, hopefully.

Realistically, we’re planning on pushing back until probably April or May depending on what happens.

And we picked a donor, purchased sperm and have been through 2 months of monitoring…

I’m hoping that 2014 is a better year for baby making. Sending fertility prayers to all of you who are going through it and prayers of love all of you already Mamas.


Effing Insurance

So after two month of monitoring at my fertility clinic I find out that my insurance has declined coverage for IUI because it’s “not medically necessary”

Has anyone gotten this reversed? Any tips on how to move forward?