Power of Prayer


In the ancient, mystical city of Tsfat, there is a tomb of a famous scholar known as Yonatan ben Uzziel.  It is known as a special place to pray for marriage, for children, and more.  From what I understand, women looking to get married hang headscarves there after they pray.  Either way, the image of this woman with a look of connection to something higher is stunning.

From Pop Chassid

For three months I charted my temperature, peed on sticks, frantically checked for fertility mucus (still none) and while I did get a faint second line on an OPK Kit I’m not positive that I’m actually ovulating, doing it “right” or testing at the proper time. To be honest, as much as I think I know about my body, my cycle and the process of getting pregnant I’m still very much lost.

So, I’ve made an appointment to get fertility testing done in Brooklyn, NY the first week of June. It’s just a consultation, but the over-the-phone in take seemed fine to me. When the receptionist asked about my partner and if he needed sperm testing I told her that my partner was female and didn’t have sperm. She apologized politely, not profusely, and went on to the next question. Towards the end she asked if my partner would be coming in to do testing at the same time and I joked that we wanted to remain sane-only one pregnant woman at a time. She chuckled with me and I have a good feeling about this.

Like this entire process, I’m trying to remain calm, relaxed, focused and prayerful. When I found this photo from Pop Chassid I was almost moved to tears and wanted to immediately jump on a plane to Israel…or simply to pray.


One thought on “Power of Prayer

  1. The image is beautiful and serene. It brings peace to me and makes me reflect on my need to complain less and pray more. Thank you for sharing. I’m wishing you and your partner the very best on your quest to conceive.

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