Next Step: Fertility Testing


For the past three months I’ve tracked my period, took my temperature, peed on sticks, noted when I had midpain, looked desperately into the crotch of my underware for signs of fertility mucous-all to no avail. In all of this tracking and peeing and temperature taking I’m not quite confident that I’m actually ovulating, if I’m tracking incorrectly, or what so I’ve decided that in order to stick to the schedule of starting inseminate in August, I need to get some fertility testing done.

I started on the It’s Conceivable website to try to find doctors who are LGBTQ friendly and have put in calls to a few. Hopefully I can find someone who’s understanding.

It’s been a bit disheartening, so I’ve stopped taking my temperature and have decided to wait until I’m done testing to get back on the 6AM wake up call. I’m praying for peace and relaxation.


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